In view of the situation with COVID-19, we inform you that Hotel WELA will not be able to open on 16.04.2020. To this point, we are postponing the opening date of 19.06.2020.

We will comply with government instructions and will further inform you if there is a need to change the opening date for Summer season 2020.

For the reservations, you have already made from 16.04 to 14.05.2020 including, we give you the opportunity to choose new periods for stay at Hotel WELA during season 2020 or during season 2021. If you wish to move your reservations with a period of stay until 15.06.2020 and after 08.09.2020 their value will be retained.

As Easter 2021 is on 02.05, we inform you that the hotel will open on 29.04.2021 and you can postpone your reservation by keeping prices and conditions for Easter 2021 like those for Easter 2020.

The value of the advanced sums will be credited to the liabilities for the newly booked reservations.

For additional questions, please write to our email:

Remain available

Milena Shivacheva

Hotel Manager

Age of children on leaving
Age of children on leaving
Age of children on leaving